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Another attack by ISIS soon..!

2019-11-20 5667

Will the mission “break down the fences” become a reality….?


The leaders of the ISIS are planning to launch a prison break in Iraq and Syria, the military Intelligence sources had found out. They had named the mission as "break down the fences."

Iraq's Lieutenant General Saad al-Allaq commenting on this mission said,

"We have concluded that the real intention of ISIS is to begin a mission they're calling 'break down the fences,' to storm jails inside Iraq and Syria, to free terrorists."

ISIS fighters pose a great threat to countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.

ISIS was formed in 1999 which came to its optimum in 2015. It could establish its power in a large part of Syria and Iraq.

The extremist organization was brutally murdering unarmed civilians by beheading with unsharpened knives and burning alive that were broadcasted online.

Even though the U.S. started backing Iraqi military and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces to fight against this Terrorist Organization, President Donald Trump decided to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria recently.