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Why did Lebanon Prime Minister resign from the post..?

2019-11-13 5667


Lebanon has been suffering from a financial crisis for some time and the government rather than finding a solution for the issue, continues to spend to maintain a luxury life of the politicians. The mass was not happy with the poor attention of the government to find a lasting solution. Ultimately the mass resorted get in to street to exert pressure on Premier Saad Hariri, to step down from his position.

These protests were organized by members of Hezbollah and Amam. These protest carried out throughout the country paralyzed the day to day operations and the government resorted to deploy police and military to disband the protests as a result of which agitated situation emerged among mass.

When the Jall El Bid Bridge was blocked by the protesters, the Police had to use tear gas and batten charge and 2 protesters were killed and over 50 got injured.

The Prime Minister gave an assurance that the reforms will be implemented soon to arrest the financial crisis and immediate action will be taken to cut down the expenses of Ministers. Since the protesters did not listen to Prime Minister Saad Hariri , he did not have any other option but to dissolve the Parliament and furnish his resignation from the post Prime Minister.