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What is the controversy involved with the-Ayodya-Land

2019-11-10 5667


Around 2000 people had been killed in clashes up to now.


In 1949, three parties got in to a fight for the ownership of 2.77 acres land in Ayodya. Two parties, representing Hindus claim that a Hindu Cowil should be built there since God Rama was born in this land. Since there is Mosque, another party ,representing Muslims say that the land belongs to them. Up to now around 2000 people lost their lives in conflicts, occurred between major 2 factions, representing Hindus and Muslims.

When the case came up at Allahabad Courts in 2010, the verdict was to give the ownership to three parties equally. One party which was not satisfied with the judgment appealed at Supreme Courts in 2011. The case which was not heard for a long time, was taken up back recently. It was being examined by five Bench Judges continually for 40 days. This will be the final judgment of Justice Ranjan Gogoi who is supposed to go on retirement on 17th instance.

The security of the area had been tightened to prevent a clash with the release of the judgment. All the public places in the area are closed to ensure safety of the public. Around 12,000 Police Officers are dispatched to face possible agitation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made a special request from the public to remain calm whatever the judgment is.