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Luiz Lula was freed

2019-11-10 5667


I will prove my innocent soon…!


Former Brazilian President of Luiz Lula who was imprisoned for corruption charges, was freed. Lula has been serving a nine years sentence since April 2018, for corruption after being found guilty of taking bribes from engineering firms in return for public contracts.

His release came after a Supreme Court ruling paving the way for thousands of convicts to be freed while awaiting appeals.

After emerging from a police building in Curitiba, he vowed to "continue fighting" for ordinary Brazilians, and to "show the lying side of the federal police."

He, who represented the Leftist party, governed the country from 2003 to 2010.

He, while walking away from the courts addressing his supporters stated that he will very soon prove his incense.

Even though Lula was supposed to win the Presidential Election held in 2018, due to his imprisonment, he could not participate.