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ISIS leader’s spouse was apprehended by Turkey’s forces

2019-11-08 5667

Abu Bakar had 3 wives , revealed his brother in law …!


The leader of the ISIS Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was reportedly killed himself by blasting a suicide bomb to prevent his detection by US Special Forces in a dead end tunnel along with his three children according to President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday (6) Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan confirmed that Abu Bakr’s spouse too was apprehended who is in Turkey’s custody.

Erdoğan made this announcement during a speech in Ankara on Wednesday.

“We captured not only his spouse but also his brother in law and his own sister”.

But he did not provide details about the search operations. In addition to these close relations, few of Abu Bakr’s relations were taken in to custody in another search operation, carried out in northern Syrian town, Azaz.

His brother in law had confirmed that Abu Bakr had 4 wives , the maximum number according to Islamic law. US confirmed that there were 2 of his wives, arrested by them unharmed by the time he got blasted.