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Why America imposed sanction on Turkey..?

2019-10-16 5667

Why Turkey has been launching offensive in Southern Syria..?


Can Americas sanction stop Turkey’s offensive..?


Irrespective of heavy pressure by United States to stop offensive and their sanction on Turkey, they have not given up their decision to press ahead its offensive in Northern Syria. Forces of United States already has abounded City of Manbij and Russia backed Syria’s forces are moving towards this key city.

The President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan declared firmly that they will not step-down from the decision of launching offensive in Syria. Turkey started military offensive in southern Syria to crush Kurdish Fighters eight year ago.

Turkish government feared that Kurd dominated forces in Syria will get linked with Kurdish Rebels operating in Turkey, who have been fighting for a breakaway a state.

The long-persecuted Kurdish people live in mountainous regions stretching across northern Turkey, Syria and Iraq. What they expect is an own homeland.

When Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein was hanged in 2003, Kurdish has been able to gain a degree of self-government in those war-torn countries.

Turkish President Erdogan alleged Syrian Government forces for killing one Turkish soldier in their military operations in Manbij where troops of United States conducted joint patrols with Turkish forces some time back.

Some how Syrian forces had been able to take control of an area of more than 1,000 square kms around Manbij, including Tabqa military airfield.

The United States took a decision on 13th 2019 to withdraw its entire force of 1,000 troops from northern Syria. Its former Kurdish allies immediately forged a new alliance with Assad’s government, inviting the army into towns across their territory.

United States imposed sanction on Turkey for them to reach a ceasefire and halt its offensive.