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No force can stop the Chinese..!

2019-10-01 5668

Celebrating 70 years of Communist Power..!


Beijing is marking 70 years since the Communist Party came to power with extravagant celebrations. Under seven decades of Communist rule China has defied expectations with its extraordinary growth. But it also has one of the worst reputations for human rights abuses and tightly controls its population. The celebrations are likely to be overshadowed by another surge of protest in Hong Kong. We'll be watching both the military parade and events in Hong Kong as they unfold.

"The Chinese people managed to stand up on their feet and embark on the green journey of national rejuvenation...

"Today China is standing in the gates of the world and there is no force that can shake the foundations of this nation. No force can stop the Chinese people and the Chinese nation forging ahead." President ,Xi Jinping firmly stated at the celebration