Tuesday 23rd of July 2024

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The effective and efficient use of the third tranche from the IMF is a national responsibility

2024-06-16 14443
  National Movement for Social Justice Calls for Responsible Use of IMF Funds, Anti-Corruption, and Economic

Consolidating Economic Recovery Needs No Referendum

2024-06-09 14485
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   Government leaders appear to be considering all options for remaining in office beyond

For Sri Lanka the road to recovery is long and must stay the course

2024-05-17 14429
  (Dinesh Weerakkody)   As Sri Lanka continues to recover from the recent crisis, this time last year,

Valuing Japans Moral Ethos & Economic Assistance

2024-05-15 14470
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The visit of Japan’s foreign minister Yoko Kamikawa to Sri Lanka is an

SL HC in UK achieves record £100000 income in April

2024-05-06 14425
The Consular Division of the Sri Lanka High Commission (HC) in United Kingdom under the

Nettles Needing To Be Grasped By Future Leaders Of Sri Lanka

2024-04-24 14436
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The New Year celebrations this year were low key compared to the past.

Government Settles Foreign Debt and Interest to the Tune of US$ 1909.7 Million

2024-04-06 14455
  Transparency Call: Parties Committing to 15% Senior Citizen Interest Must Disclose Funding Sources   Widely Accessed Benefit:

Economic recovery must become more broad-based

2024-03-23 14437
   President Wickremesinghe with China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) Chairman Wang Tongzhou. CCCC through CHEC Port

Sri Lanka-IMF Reaches Staff-Level Agreement on the Second Review of Sri Lankas Extended Fund Facility and Concludes the 2024 Article IV Consultation

2024-03-21 14453
  IMF staff and the Sri Lankan authorities have reached staff-level agreement on economic policies to

Finding solutions to manage the talent drain

2024-03-14 13963
  President (then Prime Minister) pointed out in 2016 that “given the future growth potential and

Rescheduling of debt expeditiously is key to recovery

2024-02-14 13974
    President Ranil Wickremesinghe said the finalisation of debt restructuring could be completed by the first

Parate rights of banks and supporting SME recovery

2024-01-31 13964
  SMEs request Govt. to temporarily halt parate executions   (Dinesh Weerakkody)   SME associations want parate rights to be

Sri Lanka night in Davos Switzerland

2024-01-24 13966
  A Sri Lanka night was held for the first time to showcase Sri Lankan cuisine,

Is deferring parate rights a sensible option for the Govt..?

2024-01-02 13964
  President Wickremesinghe terming the task of economic revival following bankruptcy a “formidable” one, recently noted,

President Ranils firm resolve for reforms pays dividends

2023-12-16 13962
  (Dinesh Weerakkody)   The IMF Executive Board after much speculation completed the first review under the 48-month

 In 2024 the tax cost of a citizen will increase by thirty thousand

2023-12-13 13964
  The Committee of Ways and Means reveals that due to the imminent taxes to be

Regain A Vision Of The Common Good

2023-11-28 13962
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   At a time when the two elected branches of government have little or

The country can be built only through economic expansion

2023-11-21 13964
  Export should be increased and debt commitment should be reduced   The President's budget steered the country

Although there are one and fifty thousand companies..only twenty thousand tax files are opened

2023-11-16 13962
  Between 15%-20% of government employees mislead the country   Ninety percent are beaten because of the crimes

Excessive taxation hurts biz growth and the majority

2023-11-10 13964
    According to President Ranil the current tax policy is not a normal tax policy, but

The 2024 Budget of Sri Lanka...why it must be different

2023-10-28 13959
  China’s President Xi Jinping with several world leaders including President Wickremesinghe at the meeting to

A new fake monetary kingdom emerging in Sri Lanka...Collapse sooner or later..?

2023-10-22 13958
  Govt to build a newly fake monetary kingdom..?     The brand new Monetary Policy Board (MPB) at

IMF Shows It Cares More Than Government

2023-10-12 13965
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The oft repeated comparison between the economic and political chaos that prevailed before

Is CB running a Ponzi scam for bankrupt government..?

2023-10-07 13962
    Policy rates cut by 1%, T bill rates cut by 0.13%..?         Wensday (04) the brand new

CBs monetary operations in 2023. What can public expect..? Are we to question it or treat it like the God given..?

2023-10-05 13963
  Monetary Operations-For whose benifits..?       Monetary operations are the money printing operations carried out by the CB

IMF and the stiff revenue targets

2023-10-04 13963
  (By Dinesh Weerakkody)   President Ranil Wickremesinghe addressing the heads of state at the UN General Assembly,

IMF unveils 16 point plan to address governance challenges in Sri Lanka

2023-10-02 13964
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recommended sixteen priority actions in its recently released Governance

Govts commitment prompts IMF to endorse EFF program review

2023-09-27 13966
The government’s commitment to macroeconomic stability and fiscal discipline is starting to bear fruit with

Lankaisla lifts leisure industry with global participation

2023-09-15 13967
  $ 8 m infused to secure strategic properties as springboard for major growth   (By Darshana Abayasingha)   Singapore-based,

Tourism industry needs Govt. intervention to recover

2023-09-03 13964
    Tourism debt stock has increased significantly because of the extraordinary high interest rates in 2022

Labour reform and attracting investment

2023-08-15 13963
  (Dinesh Weerakkodi)   Labour Minister Manusha Nanayakkara recently said that this year Sri Lanka’s outdated Labour Law

The Missing Ingredients To Come Out Of The Economic Rut

2023-04-27 13966
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   Slowly but surely the ruling party is beginning to reassert itself. An indication

Establish an Economic Operation Center under Ravi

2023-04-06 13965
  Ranil has no alternative instead of Ravi in rescuing the economy,   Ravi's opinion is right-The country

 Many positive economic benefits from the IMF loan

2023-03-22 13962
  Former Finance Minister, Ravi Karunanayake says that despite the current economic and political crisis in

Ravi says IMF deal will bring positive economic gains

2023-03-20 13963
  Former Finance Minister Ravi Kar-unanayake yesterday said Sri Lanka’s deal with the Inter-national Monetary Fund

Lack of fiscal discipline cause of the crisis

2023-01-11 13963
  How to overcome the economic crisis    The current economic crisis in Sri Lanka has been a

Increasing PAYE tax paves the way for an economic recession

2023-01-10 13961
  Handling the economy at will is dangerous   The government has no economics practice   The effectiveness of employees’

The Presidents request became fruitful-Japan is to solve the debt crisis

2022-10-20 13960
  Top international diplomatic sources say that at the request of President Ranil Wickramasinghe, Japan is

A deteriorated economy by giving subsidies

2022-10-18 13972
  (Sara Kandegoda)   Ten years ago Sri Lanka was classified as a middle income country. Now there

Loan facilities for entrepreneurs

2022-09-30 13964
  Notification to Bank Heads from the State Ministry of Finance The State Ministry of Finance has

ASMP facilitates Rex Industries

2022-08-26 13964
  Many innovative to enhance to productivity and efficiency   225 beneficiaries under the project     Rex Industries is another

3852 million earned through the ASMP Floriculture Project

2022-08-11 13962
  How to overcome by growing ornamental flowers..! The Agriculture Sector Modernization Project contributes to the ornamental

Solutions to the dollar problem from the Agricultural Modernization Project

2022-07-23 13965
  A boost to coconut-coir and coco peat industry   (Heshan Sampath Tilakaratne, Anthony Agash Vaas, Geeth Tharuka

Helping hand from the World Bank for Shrimp industry

2022-07-18 13966
  The World Bank has initiated a program to develop the Shrimp industry in Sri Lanka

Why did the country go bankrupt despite having a large number of financial laws..?

2022-06-25 13968
  (Deshapriya Nanayakkara)   It is absolutely true that financial regulation plays a crucial role in the political

The ways to speedily overcome economic crisis

2022-05-17 13966
  A few suggestions..!     (Professor Milton Rajaratne)   The economic crisis that emerged small way during the past many

It is not difficult to find dollars

2022-05-04 13965
  Instant dollars can be found in import bags   With the development of migration       (By Professor Milton Rajaratne-Translated

Signs of going up the interest rates over 25 percent..?

2022-05-01 13964
  No other alternative to escape from the inflation   Sri Lanka is the third highest in inflation

Did Basil or Ravi do well..?

2022-04-26 13965
  Do you know this information about Ravi..?   This is how Ravi managed the balance of payments

One Hundred and Fifty Six Thousand crores have been printed

2022-03-21 13965
  The country is destitute - the economy is almost destroyed     During the tenure of President Gotabhaya

Its people like Ravi who are suitable for the Finance Minister position

2022-03-17 13962
  Ravi's biggest mission was to increase the Government revenue    The salaries of public servants were increased

Foreign remittance has decreased by 2494 million

2022-03-08 13964
  Foreign remittance has decreased by 2494 million   The cause is not the COVID-19 pandemic   (Sujith Mangala De

If the rupee is floated a profit of US $ 650 million per month

2022-03-06 13963
  If so, the dollar issue is over   Foreign labor income fell from $ 800 million to

The Government has printed 1,499,050 million in the last 25 months

2022-01-30 13964
  Printed 20 times of what Central Bank has printed in its history during 25 months   157,040

What should have been done with the Rs. 229 billion relief package..?

2022-01-05 13964
  Not the removal of Susil Premajayantha   To use that money to attract dollars to the country,

The Government has printed 66 500 lakhs at the last hour of 2021

2022-01-03 13962
  The total amount printed in 2021 is 678.33 billion     (By Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon translated by Rumi

Nivard Cabraals foreign reserves announcement is just a number magic

2021-12-30 13963
  Loans cannot be settled or import goods from Chinese Yuan     (By Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon-translated by Rumi

Three out of every four dollars borrowed is Rajapaksa debt

2021-12-24 13963
  Ajith Nivard’s body fights even without the head   Nivard Cabraal and PB's economic ploy cannot deceive

The reasons behind the escalation of the countrys debt crisis..!

2021-12-20 13965
  The Government debts have been shown fraudulently by reducing the actual figures   Borrowings between 2015 and

Sri Lanka is falling into the most severe financial abyss

2021-12-16 13964
  No penny to import medicine, food and fuel   18th January is critical   (Sujith Mangala De Silva and

Why did the countrys official foreign reserves collapse..?

2021-12-14 13965
  This is how Sri Lanka became destitute when the Maldives, Pakistan and Bangladesh got through

Learn from Ravi how to be a Finance Minister..!

2021-12-03 13967
  This is how Basil failed and Ravi passed   The budget proved that the government does not

How is the new import restriction implemented..?

2021-10-15 13963
  There is no ban but a reduction in volume   (Achintha Madura Samarasinghe)   How is the new import

The controlling thread of the economy is broken by the printing of money

2021-10-08 13962
  1,368 billion have been printed from 2020   158. 42 billion have printed from the day Ajith

During 20 months, 12,500,000 million worth of money had been printed

2021-10-04 13963
Aith Cabraal has printed 478,700 million   The government has pushed the country into the biggest financial

University students emphasize Ravis viability

2021-08-05 13963
  Ravi reveals how he re-energized the economy   The appreciation, done by the international community that the

The country does not have a trade policy 

2021-04-27 13973
This is the magnitude of the internal tragedy of the economy   Only 10% -12% of the

Top 10 richest people in the world, top Billionaires

2021-02-19 13963
The list of the world's richest persons can vary from year to year, depending on

Geographical advantage to the development of Colombo Port as a transshipment hub to India

2020-12-27 13965
Following are excerpts of an interview with Dr. Ganeshan Wignaraja by Pathfinder Foundation Programs Executive

Budget Analysis 2021 By KPMG..!

2020-12-02 13963

Empowering youth Entrepreneurs through sustainable development

2020-10-13 13962
The first conferences of its kind in Sri Lanka   A brainchild of Prof.Ranjith Bandara      -ICSE 2020 –

A Cargo Complex to Maththala

2020-09-29 13962
State Minister of Aviation Services and Export Zones Development, D.V. Chanaka confirmed that steps have

A financial sector supported economic recovery

2020-09-27 13962
(Dy Dinesh Weerakkody)   The spread of COVID-19 represents an unprecedented global health and economic shock, with

How the country will be benefited from the Gem – Jewelry tax relief

2020-09-09 13963
Economic experts commend President’s decision   Gem and Jewelry manufactures got through    " A step to established the national

Signs of government shut down

2020-04-29 13968
 Salaries of Government Employees under threat   Do not experiment with the constitution    Will Sri Lanka face a

Former Finance Minister explains how to save the country from new Corona virus 

2020-04-09 13965
The economic virus is even more oppressive than the corona virus   Move towards production economy   Pay Rs.

Economic impact of coronavirus outbreak deepens

2020-02-24 13961
The rising cost of the coronavirus outbreak for business and the world economy is expected

Use resources wisely and change the to circular – A call to arms

2020-01-18 13961
(Prof. Ajith De Alwis) Sri Lanka has a debt of $ 4.8 b to repay this

How Poverty Ends..?

2020-01-13 13961
For all the worries today about the explosion of inequality in rich countries, the last

The Clash of Capitalism

2019-12-19 13963
The Real Fight for the Global Economy’s Future   Capitalism rules the world. With only the most

Beyond the Trade War

2019-12-19 13962
A Competitive Approach to Countering China   The verdict is in on U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade

United State is the highest in GDP Rate in the world

2019-11-10 13963
  China has become the “World’s Factory”   Canada’s unemployment keeps going up…..!   GDP stands for "Gross Domestic Product"

Here's the Neo-Economic Colonialism of China – The Belt and the Road…!

2019-09-05 13963
Invading countries by granting massive loans as bribes..!   Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in China and


2019-08-05 13961
Global growth is expected to remain at 3.0 per cent in 2019 and 2020, however,

Challenges and Barriers of Developing Sri Lankan Economy..!

Rupee depreciation has been the hot subject in current economic scenario. We are experiencing a

Challenges and Barriers of Developing Sri Lankan Economy

By Senior Professor Kennedy D Gunawardana, Professor of Accounting, University of Sri Jayewardenepura.Rupee depreciation has