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India hands over 21,000 tonnes of fertiliser to Sri Lanka

2022-08-23 14112
  India has been at the forefront of providing Sri Lanka with economic and humanitarian help In

Farmers to use the digital technology

2022-08-03 14113
  Developing farmers financially and socially   Initiative by the Climate Smart Irrigated Agriculture Project   The Climate Smart Irrigated

Coffee is a Cash crop to Sri Lanka

2022-07-26 14118
  Arabians introduced coffee to Sri Lanka in the year 1503. There were times where Sri

ASMP contributes to save the foreign exchange through the SL Shrimp Industry

2022-07-17 14082
  High development through technology transformation   Focused area are Puttalam and Batticaloa Districts     The Agriculture Sector Modernization Project

ASMP contributes to save the foreign exchange through the Sri Lankan Shrimp Industry

2022-07-17 14093
  A new hope on local Shrimp Industry   How to develop the Shrimp Industry    Industry decline in the

 Six months after the ban was lifted - no agrochemicals yet

2022-06-06 14101
  Agriculture authorities have not even asked for funds from the Central Bank   Famine cannot be prevented

Cannot shift to total organic without much preparedness-A good success story towards organic farming

2021-11-08 14084
  Is Rajarata Chronic Kidney Disease connected to chemical fertilizer..?   No scientific evidence to support this hypothesis Much

Lets defeat the Chinese excrement eaters

2021-09-29 14118
  Chinese excrement fertilizer samples failed the second laboratory test too    Open letter, addressed to all Sri

Recent Agricultural Inventions to meet the challenges

2021-07-26 14091
  (Rumi Speelberg)   Agriculture is one of the old professions in the world which began with Mesopotamian

The Crisis and Agriculture

2021-06-15 13966
(Victor Ivan)   Had not the government imposed a ban on the use of chemical fertilizer and

What is organic..?

2020-11-05 13961
(Dhammika Aberathne)   Organic farming is a technique, which involves cultivation of plants and rearing of animals

President is ready for an agricultural revolution at the “Maha” season

2020-09-10 13961
The intention is to make the country self sufficient   Fertilizer to be produced locally   Fertilizer to be

Food dearth after another 50 years..!

2019-08-22 13962
How to meet the food demand of increasing population..?   Land is limited while food demand goes

Agro technology to harvest even in a Desert..!

(By Rumi Speelberg)   Technology has been developing in a rapid scale due to the utmost importance