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COVID infected are ill-treated after recovery

2021-10-15 66817
  They again become a part of the society after recovery   Do not put them to another

Will Zika come to Sri Lanka?

2021-07-12 80450
  Deadly diseases one after the other   14 “Zika” virus infected cases have been reported from the

What you should know about LAMBDA..?

2021-07-08 90452
  The World Health Organization has added another COVID variant in to its list by identifying

The cheapest treatment for non-communicable diseases

2021-07-07 62846
  A Japanese medical invention     The health benefits of drinking water in empty stomach      (Nilanthi Manel)   Water is

What happens if you take two COVID-19 vaccines from two forms..?

2021-07-01 72812
  When vaccinating against COVIC- 19, is it appropriate to take the first dose in one

Make Golden Milk at home and see the health benefits

2021-06-21 58976
Golden milk is easy to make at home. For a single serving of golden milk

Myths and Facts about alcohol and COVID 19

2021-04-19 66628
Facing the COVID-19 (new coronavirus disease) pandemic, the countries of the world must take decisive

8 ways to protect your self

2020-11-25 80988
If anyone of your home tested positive of COVID 19..?   Health line explains   Author Cathy Cassata is

Medicinal Box from Horiwila Aurvedic generation to boost the immunity

2020-11-12 54220
Special for COVID 19 pandemic   “Health  Immunization Box”     Dr. Prasad Senanayake, founder of the Horiwila "Osunima" Ayurvedic

6 Benefits and Uses of Chia Seed Oil

2020-11-03 13969
Thanks to chia seeds’ high nutritional value and skin-boosting benefits, they’ve grown in popularity in

350 Sri Lankans tested COVID 19 positive in Jordan  

2020-10-07 13966
350 Sri Lankans, employed in a Garment Factory in Jordan were tested COVID 19 positive.

What food to eat to reverse Diabetes

2020-09-22 14032
I've just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and it was a big wake-up call. I

My Med becomes first digital pharmacy to get COVID-19 cover

2020-09-19 13961
Sri Lanka Standards Institution Director General/CEO Dr. Siddhika Senaratne, MyMed Chairperson Jayomi Lokuliyana, Rotary Sri

Supplements during Pregnancy

2020-08-19 13964
If you’re pregnant, you may think that feeling overwhelmed and confused comes with the territory.

Eat these 20 Foods for healthy Lungs

2020-07-03 13966
Keeping your lungs healthy is essential to feeling your best. Yet, common factors, including exposure

Ginger & Turmeric boost the Immune System

2020-06-10 13962
How to prepare the mixture   GINGER & TURMERIC – Here is a guide on how to

Benefits of Mango leaves that you will not believe

2020-05-20 13966
Undeniably, among the many kinds of fruits, one of those that is a favorite of

What is Perceptual Control Theory..?

2020-05-04 13964
Perceptual Control Theory is a theory of human behavior that says we act to keep

Top 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

2020-02-20 13962
Coconut oil is widely marketed as a "superfood." The unique combination of fatty acids in coconut

What is corona virus..?

2020-01-29 13963
How to identify the infection…!   Safety precautions…!   An infectious SARS-like coronavirus is currently spreading in parts of

5 Super healthy seeds you should eat

2020-01-18 13963
Seeds contain all the starting materials necessary to develop into complex plants. Because of this,

Here’s what happens If you eat Ginger every day

2019-12-27 13962
If you’re going to get hooked on any spice, make it ginger. Of course, there

Eat 3 Dates daily and see the benefit..!

2019-12-01 13963
  Date is a famous food which is used as a direct food or to sweeten

Do you worry about ageing..?

2019-11-25 13964
  These food bring back your lost young look..!   Those who are ageing are worried about their

Reduce your weight without a heavy workout..!

2019-11-24 13964
  Reducing the weight is the dream of everyone. The majority thinks that excessive weight leads

Can Type 2 Diabetes be reversed..?

2019-11-04 13962
  Diet + Regular exercises control blood sugar Can type 2 diabetes is reversed?. Preventing and even

Do you want to get rid of your spectacles..!

2019-10-05 13964
5 Foods to boost your Eye Health..!   You’ve likely been told at one time or another

Could eating more iron stop you feeling tired..?

2019-10-02 13963
One in five of us feels unusually tired at any time and one in ten

7 Foods That Are Actually Damaging Your Kidneys..!

2019-09-30 13963
Kidneys do a tough job. Filtering and excreting waste products in the bloodstream is just

Here s how this veggie could help manage diabetes..!

2019-09-18 13962
For all those suffering from and struggling to keep their sugar levels in check, okra

Is your child suffering from headaches..?

2019-09-10 13965
Continual suffering from headache can lead to losing of self-confidence..!   Child Depression…!   There would have been plenty

Diabetic is a silent killer..!

2019-08-30 13964
Western medicines only control sugar in blood..!   No medicine to activate the pancreas..!   Fennel seeds activate the

A skin to skin An invention by a Sri Lankan Scientist in Canada..!

2019-08-07 13963
“My experiments are based on inventing new products by adding value to animal and food

Is your liver healthy..?

2019-08-05 13963
Will you feel that your liver is damaged at the beginning..?   The modern life style damages

The Medical Test everyone has to undergo annually..!

2019-07-28 13965
What happens in our life without our intention and effort, is aging. Day by day