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Although there are one and fifty thousand companies..only twenty thousand tax files are opened

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Between 15%-20% of government employees mislead the country


Ninety percent are beaten because of the crimes of ten percent


Ravi Karunanayake emphasizes


Colombo District United National Party leader and former Finance Minister ,Ravi Karunanayake has emphasized that there are 150,000 companies in the country while only 20,000 have opened tax-files and that between 15%-20% of government employees are misleading the country.

Colombo District United National Party Leader and former Finance Minister, Ravi Karunanayake made these observations    while speaking to the media after a special event held at the Grand Oriental Hotel in Colombo where he further stated.

 “I think our country is going through a very dark time. The economy collapsed. It has received a revival. I think the current President Ranil Wickramasinghe has brought our country forward from the dark ages up to a certain extent. It is not an easy journey.

At this time, we should all help the President with a collective feeling. He is working to rebuild the fallen economy. It is not him who bankrupted this country. That's why it is not an easy task to come out of this economic recession. The best thing at this time is to develop creativity that can reduce the cost and generate income. Specifically to achieve this goal,   the export economy should be strengthened.

I repeat again who toppled the country's economy..? Hence we had to go to the International Monetary Fund. But we have to get out of it. And in practice, we don't have to bend to everything the International Monetary Fund says. Instead of giving everything for free, the economy should be strengthened by working hard independently.

In fact, it is usually because of the crimes of 10% that the 90% are beaten... There are about one and a fifty thousand companies in the country. But there are only twenty thousand tax paying files. So this is a wonderful country..! We must change this situation.

 The other thing is that I always say with love that there are talented and hardworking government officials. But between 15%-20% of government employees are misleading this country. Everyone is pointing fingers at the politicians. There are only about nine thousand politicians in Sri Lanka. Let's say that all these politicians are unwanted. Then what are seventeen hundred thousand government officials doing..? All these things have to be done through them. For the last 71 years, this country has avoided problems by pointing fingers at each other. That situation should be changed at least now.