Sunday 10th of December 2023

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Promodya  what is doing..?  

2023-11-03 1115


(Samantha Hewabandula from India)                                                                  


Sri Lanka cricket team have a big dream going to the semi final but at least they have to win next 3 matches with big margin. We have to play India Bangladesh and New Zealand. How ever Sri Lanka cricket selectors have a big challenge how to manage their players because most of them getting injured. 

Sri Lanka have a young and talented team. But unfortunately they are getting injured most of the time. This kind of situation can’t control selection committee or coaches. So how ever Sri Lanka cricket fans are not happy with the cricket selection committee. But cricket selectors can’t do anything about this kind of thing. They can’t stop cricketers injury’s. 

Promodya and his selection committee trying to do their best for the cricket selections. I’m not saying they are 100% right or wrong but they are always thinking about their team and country. Former Captain Arjuna ranathunga and Sanath jayasoriya most of the time complaining about cricket selection,. But those days Arjuna and Promodya have a very good relationship more than Arjuna and Sanath jayasoriya. But today Arjuna and Sanath jayasoriya are together on the field. This is not a cricket.This is political drama and personal drama.  

Those days Roshan Mahanama and Sanath jayasoriya have good friendship with each others. But Arjuna not happy with them because Arjuna not happy with Mahanama. But today Arjuna and jayasoriya both of them forgot about their history. Today Arjuna and jayasoriya are trying to remove Promodya from his position.Because Arjuna wants to bring jayasoriya into the cricket selection committee. But how he can become a chairman of cricket selection committee because he has a issues with ICC. About match fixing .

first thing is he has to clear his name from the ICC. So after that he can become a president of Sri Lanka cricket,if he wants.  Other wise he can’t become a Mr.Clean. How ever we are lost against Afghanistan also.that’s mean something wrong there.but cricket selectors can’t get responsible for that because anyone is in Sri Lanka with good performances selectors always bring them in to the team.