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Can justice be expected from injustice..?

2023-10-27 5058


The Criminal Investigation Department has filed criminal charges against State Minister of Tourism Dayana Gamage at the Colombo Magistrate’s Court for submitting two birth certificates to obtain two passports under the case number B48037/01/2021 in 2021.   

The complaint was made by social activist Oshala Herath against her submitting a birth certificate with false information to the Department of Immigration and Emigration to obtain a Sri Lankan passport bearing number 6553 while having British citizenship. State Minister of Tourism Dayana Gamage has also furnished another birth certificate bearing number 4683 to obtain a diplomatic passport. She also remains in Sri Lanka illegally while holding British citizenship.

As per the standing procedures when a Sri Lankan becomes a dual citizen, the Registration of Persons’ Department should be informed within a period of six months to   a new National Identity Card. 

In the B-report, the Criminal Investigation Department had mentioned Dayana Gamage has committed offences under Section 175 of the Penal Code and the Immigrants and Emigrants Act. Public is eagerly waiting until justice is met irrespective of the position under law which is equal to everyone.