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Sri Lanka....yes we can

2023-10-21 4076

 (Samantha hewabandula from India) 

Sri Lanka team has a very good chance going to semi final. If they can win next four matches then they will be able to semi final. How ever everything behind the players and their performances. We are Sri Lankan.

we have to support our players.Forgot about cricket administrators. Every one knows about cricket administrators. Players are always trying to win their matches but unfortunately they are not capable to win last few games. Middle of the ground every responsibility has to players. Cricket selection committee or coaches others can’t do anything. Every Sri Lankan have to realise that kind of thing.

Cricket selection committee doing their best for the team.we can’t underestimate them. Our people can understand about Indian cricket, they are never doing anything against country.Indian people are always thinking their players. They are standing up for their country. We are also have to do something like that. But unfortunately social media doing bad things for our country and teams. People have to reject the social media because they are worse than others.