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Israel Offers 1,000 Jobs to Sri Lankan Workers in Agriculture Sector

2023-10-20 14227


Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara has revealed that around a thousand new job opportunities have opened up in Israel's agricultural sector and emphasized that the government will carefully assess the current security situation in the country before taking necessary steps to employ Sri Lankans in these job opportunities.

Minister Nanayakkara shared these insights Friday (20) while speaking in Parliament during an adjournment debate on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

During his address, the Minister underscored that the government has already taken all the required measures to facilitate the employment of migrant workers in Israel and noted that arrangements can be made for those who wish to return to Sri Lanka.

He also pointed out that individuals who are trained and willing to work in Israel as migrant workers will be dispatched in the coming weeks. Minister Nanayakkara highlighted that over the years, Israel has offered numerous job opportunities to Sri Lanka, significantly contributing to the improvement of the Sri Lankan economy.

Moreover, he emphasized the enduring friendship between Sri Lanka and Israel, underscoring the government's commitment to promoting a peaceful world order. Minister Nanayakkara stated, "If this conflict persists, it will have a profound impact on the world economy and, consequently, the Sri Lankan economy."

He further emphasized the importance of Israeli and Middle Eastern countries, which make immense contributions to the Sri Lankan economy, citing the substantial role played by Sri Lankan workers in these regions.

The Minister highlighted the unique situation where both the Israeli government and opposition came together during the conflict, underscoring the significance of this unity as a valuable lesson for Sri Lanka. He also lamented that during the recent economic crisis, Sri Lankan political parties failed to collaborate for a collective solution.