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The Truth and Nothing But the Truth

2023-10-12 1347


Regardless we score 350 or 400, fact is other sides will chase it down with ease due to our weak bowling attack. Said this b4, 3 out of 4 of our front line bowlers are rookies and yet to play one full season or at least few games of domestic cricket. Other just returning after injury and bowls the first over cos 2nd quick in the squad can’t bowl straight, forget the new ball, but any ball..!!

So let’s not talk about cricket too much as it is of no use. Perhaps the damage done, irreversible. Last time I sat with SLC hierarchy to discuss future of SL Cricket as a member of the Technical Committee, I got abused, ridiculed and was thrown out of SLC. They even took certain action to stop me from patronizing my own club CCC where I played over 13 seasons and coached. 

Said that they got plans for the next 10 years. But the fact was they had nothing and it was all empty words. Program they had in place for higher performance, Domestic and provincial cricket, laughable. And we expect to win games at WC. Serious truth, lucky we qualified.

Can we rectify this..? No we can’t. There are politicians and certain lawyers who will go to any length to protect these crooks for their own personal gains. Eg, like changing the constitution or taking action against the Audit report recently concluded and submitted to the parliament. Nothing or no action will be taken or happen. Cos these thugs and crooks will play the game accordingly with the support of poloticos, lawyers and media, etc who are equally corrupt. 

We may find it difficult to put 11 proper players on the field, but we can easily form 2 squads of Legendary crooks and manipulators from the rulers and present caretakers of SLC. 

Anyone hurting due to the loss and directing your anger towards players, please don’t. Instead go after the parasites sucking every single drop of cricketing blood in this Nation. They are the real traitors and manipulators. Go get them. At lest try. If you are a genuine lover of the sport and the country. This is the time to act. I tried but was knocked down badly…’s your turn to stand up..!

-Charith Senanayake-