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Sri Lanka Cricket is not a private property

2023-07-21 1357


 (Samantha Hewabandula)

Journalists cannot be prevented from engaging with their duty of reporting incidents or situations prevailing at any level by anyone. That is the prime duty of the media. But Journalists are not interested with this right that has been granted by the government.
This right came under question in an incident related to a particular media institute and the Sri Lanka Cricket recently.  It is a pathetic situation where each other being unable to understand the responsibility of each other well. The President of Sri Lanka Cricket should understand that this institute is not his private property. He has been elected to this position after an election for a period of two years.

Journalists are not terrorists who came to report an incident being armed with ammunition.  Journalists do reporting with proof. If there is no credibility in reporting, it will reflect badly   on the media institute. The government has to take this incident very seriously and take necessary steps to protect the rights of the media. And media institutes that operate in Sri Lanka too have to come to the same platform when it comes to protect their rights.