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Sooriyawewa cricket ground for whom..?

2023-06-12 1336


 (Samantha Hewabandula)


Mahinda Rajapaksha Cricket Stadium, built at Sooriyawewa of Hambantota under Mahinda Rajapakshe regime, is so beautiful with souring forest in a spectacular environment.

But there are no facilities for fans to watch cricket matches in this ground, at least a shelter to avoid direct sun rays. From the main and closet city of Sooriyawewa, there is 7 km to the stadium and there is no public transportation since this ground was built after clearing a jungle which is frequented by wild Elephants after 6 p.m. there for there is an important concern over the safety of the fans.

There are no lodging or accommodation facilities for fans unless they manage to come to Sooriyawewa on their own transportation. Since this stadium was constructed by Suraj Dandeniya, when he contacted to find his solutions for the heavy worm condition prevailing in the Hambantota distrust, his excuse was that even though he was hoping to plant trees around the waiting area of the ground to give natural shelter, funds were not sufficient enough at that time.  

However Sri Lanka Cricket President Shammi Silva has to find a permanent solution for the fans. Without keeping fans comfortable, a playground cannot move forward. Shammi Silva is planning to construct another cricket stadium in Homagama. Rather than going for another playground, it is better to develop the infrastructure of the Sooriyawewa playgrounds without wasting money as Sri Lanka Cricket has been doing.