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Sri Lankan Cricket Team going down day by day

2023-06-05 1345

Currently the Sri Lanka Cricket Team is playing a one day series with Afghanistan. Afghanistan has already qualified for the World Cup. But the Sri Lankan team has to play for qualifying rounds to get qualified for the World Cup.

Why did the Afghan cricket team come forward going beyond the Sri Lankan team. There are a few reasons. Afghanistan is an Islamic country governed by a Taliban military group. Taliban do not tolerate corruption. They eliminate corruption at all levels and every institution. But Sri Lanka is a corrupted country. There is corruption at every nook and corner.

This is applicable even to the governing body of Sri Lanka Cricket. Shammi Silva and the team are into a lot of corruption. This has been the practice of the Sri Lanka cricket governing body for a long time. Except for the late Gamini Dissanayake, most of the  Presidents of Sri Lankan Cricket had corruption charges. That is why Sri Lankan Cricket Team is going down day by day