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Wrong appointments to Cricket Board

2023-05-14 1315


In the One day International played in 2017 at Kandy against India, Sri Lanka Cricket Selection Committee appointed Chamara Kapugedara as the Captain.

The sudden decision was made by the President and Member of the Selection Committee, Sanath Jayasuriya and Ferveese Maharoof respectively. Even though the Sri Lanka team was supposed to field if they won the toss, ultimately the Sri Lanka team decided to bat after winning the toss.

Sri Lankan team lost the match against India which was a controversial game which most of the critics considered as fixed. Why Chamara was appointed as captain by the Sri Lanka Cricket Selection Committee? Why did the Sri Lankan team change the decision of chasing the Indian team if they won the toss..?

When Asantha De Mel was the Chairman  of the Sri Lanka Cricket, when a journalist questioned whether he knew Nuwan Kulasekara, his answer was “ I do not know, who he is..? We can see througout Sri Lanka Cricket history about wrong decisions in appointments to top position.

Even though Minister of Sports Roshan Ranasinghe is trying to do something, he too makes wrong decisions