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The Ireland is too early to get test status Thilangas in 2017

2023-04-21 1217


Was Thilanga correct..?

(Samantha Hewabandula)


It was a decisive meeting of the ICC, held in England where all the members who had the Test Cricket Status participated including Sri Lanka in 2017. Out of three who represented Sri Lanka in the meeting was President of Sri Lanka Cricket, Thilanga Sumathipala. When ICC proposed to grant test states to Ireland, only Thilanga Sumathipala rejected. At the beginning of the meeting, Thilanga, addressing stated that “Even though I have nothing personal with Ireland, I do not agree to grant test states to Ireland, since they have to play at least  four day game for another 4 years more and more matches”

Why did the ICC want to grant test states to Ireland? Because they wanted to dominate the percentage of the members from black countries which was high at that time against the white.

Simply, the International Cricket Council wanted to dominate the Asian countries. But in the Sri Lankan tour held in the Galle Stadium, the Irelands did really well. They are here for two test matches. Cricket community doesn't know why Thilanga Sumathipala rejected test status to Irelands in 2017. Only he knows. Since still the Irelands are not suitable for test games, what Thilanga stated was correct.