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Arjuna responded to Mahelas post on the clash between Arjuna and him

2023-03-30 7865

(Samantha Hewabandula)


In response to the post shared by former Cricket Captain Mahela Jayawardena about the physical clash that took place between him and former Cricket Captain Arjuna Ranathunga, Ranathunga shared in his whatsapp group.

"I believe that these groups and forums are an open space where we are all entitled to express our opinions and thoughts, so I wonder why individuals are so offended by a simple article I shared in this group.

I’m not going to dignify these posts by giving any replies or such. I believe the current situation of the CHC at SSC and the standard of cricket at SLC are proof enough and a reflection of certain individuals’ "achievements" and "commitments". What I have done for the club, country, and the game of cricket, the entire country knows. I do not need to justify this.

Before people talk to me about high chairs, maybe they should look at themselves in the mirror. I wonder, is it ethically and morally correct that they continue to hold on to these posts and positions even in the face of such drastic failure on their part? Maybe that’s something to be considered too. Let bygones be bygones"