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Why does the SL Cricket Chief seek a third term..?

2023-03-22 7829


                       (Samantha Hewabandula)


During the history of Sri Lanka Cricket, no President has contested to this position for the 3d term. Current President of Sri Lanka Cricket, Shammi Silva is on his second term as the President. He is intending to contest for the Presidential position of Sri Lanka Cricket for the 3rd term too.

Since there is no barrier, constitutionally, there is no legal restriction for a President to contest beyond a specific number of terms or the 3rd term. Somehow Sport Minister Roshan Ranasinghe will seek Supreme Court intervention against Shammi Silva’s contest this time.   

Why a President of Sri Lanka Cricket is so concerned over the reelection of the position continually. This position is a global brand that can be marketed internationally.  If this position is held by a businessman, he can misuse his office term to promote his business at international level. Some higher officials attached to Sri Lanka Cricket want Shammi Silva to hold his position due to the personal gains they enjoyed.