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What Arjuna and Sanath want to do for the Sri Lanka Cricket..?

2023-02-01 7752

(Samantha Hevabandula)


Chairman of Sri Lanka Cricket Selection Committee Promodya Wikcramasingha along with its members did a commendable duty for cricket selection. Their intention is always to build a young and talented team. During the first two years Sri Lankan team displayed a high performance due to effective selection of the best team.  But unfortunately, at the moment Arjuna Ranathunga , Sanath Jayasooriya and few other members  of the Sports Council are trying to remove this Selection Committee, because of personal matters.

Even though Arjuna has an over estimation of himself, when he contested for Sri Lanka Cricket Election, nobody voted for him. Arjuna and Jayasooriya at the moment are working  very closely  with each other against Promodya and the Cricket Selection Committee. Arjuna never became the Sri Lanka Cricket President, since he was always up to his personal agenda.

Minister of Sports Roshan Ranasingha, also extends his fullest support to Arjuna and his team because he doesn’t know anything about cricket hailing from a remote area like Polonnaruwa.  That's why he is trying to bring a new Cricket Selection Committee. Arjuna and Jayasooriya want to bring back Mathews, Chandimal and  Dimuth Karunarathne to the national team who are too old to play cricket for the national team .

The decision of who is right and who is wrong is left with the people.