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ASMP facilitates Rex Industries

2022-08-26 7742


Many innovative to enhance to productivity and efficiency


225 beneficiaries under the project



Rex Industries is another Company facilitated by the Agriculture Sector Modernization Project. The total investment of the project is Rs. 92,927,172 and the matching grant amount is Rs. 33,210,434 whilst the commercial loan and own contribution of the proponent is Rs. 22,500,000 and Rs. 37,216,738 respectively.

Rex Industries has been pioneering in mechanical design and engineering solutions since its inception in 1977 having been founded by Mr. Sunil Fernando. Furthermore, the company produces equipment for aviation, construction, railway, electronics, automobile, machinery, textile industry which includes spare parts as well.

As an innovative initiative, the Company started manufacturing machinery and equipment for the coconut sector with the introduction of the coconut dehusking, de shelling machines and crushers which increased the efficiency of the primary processing.

As another initiator of the Company, Rex Industries provides a full package which includes research & development, design, simulation, prototyping and testing when introducing new products and mechanical developments.  

The company also has been able to venture into manufacturing a variety of machinery which catered to many agricultural sectors such as spices, rice and organic fertilizer in addition to coconut. Hence the company keeps facilitating its clients to increase productivity and efficiency of their business process.

Cold press oil expellers and filters manufactured by the company have been able to fulfil the requirements of the growing virgin coconut oil demand in the global market.

Apart from all these navel innovations, the company also manufactures new machinery to improve the efficiency in cinnamon, pepper and spice value chains through the introduction of the grinding machine which preserves the compounds in the powdered products.

The new proposed machinery and equipment under the ASMP matching grant scheme enabled Rex Industries to purchase a CNC Milling Machine known as 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center, Laser Cutting Machine and Injection Molding machine for an efficient and effective machinery production.  Especially with the New Computer Numerical Control (CNC) section of the factory, Rex Industries was able to automate the control of machines through an attached microcomputer with embedded software.  

This section manufactures machinery with precision quality, avoidance of human errors and improves the sharpness and smoothness of the final products. It also can create complex designs with a speed of more than 6 times faster than a conventional machine and furthermore, it can be operated by a single operator simultaneously which increases productivity and could be worked long hours with a recalled memory of previous designs in a few clicks. The company employees over 65 permeant staff where 10 new job opportunities while creating 225 beneficiaries through the project.