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Helping hand from the World Bank for Shrimp industry

2022-07-18 7837


The World Bank has initiated a program to develop the Shrimp industry in Sri Lanka to bring foreign exchange. This program facilitates directly in the effort of finding solutions for the dollar crisis faced by the country.

The World Bank is facilitating this program through grants provided by the Agriculture Sector Modernization Project (ASMP) and Mr. Rohan Gamage is heading the program as the Director.

The key areas focused by ASMP to support Shrimp industry are to address common sector issues for sustainable shrimp culture, strengthen technology transformation, increase foreign exchange, create linkages among small shrimp farmers, processors and exporters and align with national strategies of NAQDA among others.

The project has focused Puttalam and Batticaloa Districts and by October 2021, the total production has been 12,000 MT and Rs. 6,000 million in terms of revenue.