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COVID raising head again from Sri Lanka Cricket Team

2022-07-11 7713



(By Samantha Hewabandula)    


Five National players of the Sri Lanka cricket team have been diagnosed with COVID infection. What is peculiar in this incident is that no one knows how the virus penetrated the team.

Even though the Sri Lankan cricket players were under the Bio Bubble system to prevent the spreading of the infection over the whole team in case one player got infected, this is not in practice.

When Anjelo Mathews was positive, PRC testing carried out on other associated players, five were detected with the infection. When Sri Lanka Cricket Management including Shammi Silva were questioned about this, no one responded.

If PCR tests are carried out further cases of infection could have been detected. The players freely spend time in the open society including night clubs and dinner dances.

Since the virus has come to a control in most of the countries, Sri Lankans too seem to consider the spreading of the virus lightly.