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Children are a resource-you have no right to destroy them

2022-06-29 13992



Let the unborn child see the world


There is no need for mothers and fathers to teach what the pain of children is.   A woman and a wife reap the fruits of noble motherhood and save the womb over her life. That is considering the baby conceived in the womb as a king or queen. I will never say that there are no parents who are not inclined to think in this manner.

The commitment of a mother to fix the life of a creature she has not seen for a whole new month is immense. Occasionally we hear of mothers trying to take the life of an infant as soon as the birth or to abort a breathing fetus. It is disgusting even to hear such news for mothers and fathers who are dreaming of a child.

From time to time we hear of fathers and mothers throwing their children to the river or sea while other fathers and mothers are trying to raise a newborn baby with great effort. It is not surprising that these instances become controversial  when these news are published with large headings in newspapers and in electronic media. No mother or father can kill an own  child even though he or she could not control his own life in the face of traumatic events.

Some parents try to take their lives along with their children being unable to bear the burden of living in the face of current economic problems. In this way they first think of destroying the lives of the children and secondly theirs. But there are instances where even after the children die, mother or father survived. The handcuffs will surely fall into the hands of the surviving mother or father. From then on, they have to live in between life and death. The moment-to-moment recollection of how the child restrained the soul with his own hands comes naturally.

If you feel that you cannot bear the burden of life with your children, never think of taking their life. Do not think that they will be alone in this world without you. They will get someone's help. If the financial difficulties get worse, hand the children over to the nearest police station, temple, church or orphanage.

If you can help a family that has fallen into such a predicament, you too are a noble mother or father. Hence you too should contribute to make such people aware. Think of other children as your own.

If you have conceived a baby, give him or her the opportunity to see the world. Beyond that, everything else will be solved according to the karma that the baby brought along with him or her.