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Passport fraud of rogue Diana who brought a damn proposal

2022-01-28 7866


If the law was implemented, five years imprisonment..!


(Article by Poddala Jayantha translated by Rumi Speelberg)


It had been revealed earlier that Diana Gamage, who had brought an unconstitutional motion to give President Gotabhaya Nandasena and the current Parliament another two years' unofficial term, had obtained two fake passports using fraudulent documents. She entered Parliament on 20 August 2020 as a Member of Parliament from the National List of the Samagi Jana Balawegaya. Then she sought asylum under Gotabhaya Rajapaksa leaving Sajith Premadasa.  She sought refuge in Gotabhaya Rajapaksa for no other reason than to avoid being imprisoned following a complaint lodged by Oshala Herath at the CID against her.

Oshala Herath's complaint


Oshala Herath had complained to the CID that she had obtained two forged passports using fraudulent documents, remained in Sri Lanka without obtaining dual citizenship and was sworn in as a Member of Parliament under 19 amendment to the Constitution while having British citizenship.

Although a person with dual citizenship can hold a seat in the Parliament of Sri Lanka under the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, Diana Gamage has entered Parliament under the National List under the 19th Amendment. If so, the affidavit given to the Election Commission that she is not a citizen of another country is also a forgery.

According to the complaint lodged by Mr. Oshala Herath in October 2020, the CID had reported facts to the Colombo Chief Magistrate through Report B No. B48037 / 01/2021. According to the complaint, the suspect had appeared at various times under three identity, Diana Gamage, Diana Samanmalee and Diana Natasha Kekunadura

Obtaining a False Birth Certificate


Diana Gamage who has British citizenship had obtained a birth certificate bearing number 6553 entering the residence as Colombo South , Colombo and the Additional District Registrar of the Thimbirigasyaya Divisional Secretariat  had given a statement to the CID that there is no division named Colombo South. She had obtained a National Identity Card No. 658534399 V dated 22/12/2004 by presenting the above fake birth certificate.

Although the above identity card was obtained from the Department of Registration of Persons, the relevant National Identity Card will also be a forgery as the birth certificate submitted for that purpose is a forgery. The fake passport number obtained from the Department of Immigration and Emigration by submitting these documents is N 5091386. The British passport number she used at that time was 521398876. She then obtained another official passport, which was registered as the Chairperson of the "Ranminithenna" Tele-Cinema Village.


Violation of Section 175 of the Penal Code of Sri Lanka and the Immigration and Emigration Act


Even though the CID had reported facts to courts about fraudulent activities committed by her for obtaining two fake passports submitting above documents under Section 175 of the Sri Lanka Penal Code and Sections 45 (1) (a) and (b) of the Immigration and Emigration Act, she got the total protection of the "Rajapaksas".for extending support 20th Amendment to the Constitution after seeking refuge of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa breaking the law of the land.

Since Diana Gamage came to Parliament under the 19th Amendment, her parliamentary seat is illegal. If so, someone should go to court against her Parliamentary seat. The total cost of privileges and benefits she got as a Member of Parliament from 2020 from public tax revenue should be calculated and recovered from her. In addition, she should be punished for obtaining passports by submitting fraudulent documents under the Penal Code and the Immigration and Emigration Act.