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What is environmental philosophy..?

2021-10-13 7753


Nature and the human technology and development


(By Deshappriya Nanayakkara)

Environmental philosophy is a branch of philosophy that is concerned with the natural environment and humans' place within it.

It asks crucial questions about human environmental relations such as What do we mean when we talk about nature..? What is the value of nature that is a non-human environment to us, or in itself..? How should we respond to environmental challenges such as environmental degradation, pollution and climate change..?

How can we best understand the relationship between the natural world and human technology and development..? and What is our place in the natural world..?

Environmental philosophy includes environmental ethics, environmental aesthetics, ecofeminism, environmental hermeneutics, and environmental theology.

Some of the main areas of interest for environmental philosophers are,

·         Defining environment and nature

·         How to value the environment

·         Moral status of animals and plants

·         Endangered species

·         Environmentalism and deep ecology

·         Aesthetic value of nature

·         Intrinsic value

·         Wilderness

·         Restoration of nature

·         Consideration of future generations

·         Eco phenomenology.