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National Cricketers refused to sign the annual contracts

2021-06-04 7745

No transparence in categorizing of players


Contracts are prepared unfairly, unreasonably and arbitrarily

24 Cricketers have not decided up to now to sign the contracts that was based on payment of salaries as per the performance. They have informed this decision to Sri Lanka Cricket.  They continuously demanded from the Sri Lanka Cricket Board to reveal as to how they categorise Cricketers in the National Pool and the measurement in grating marks for each.

Even though we have requested from the Board to reveal the marks that will be based in categorising the players, they have not fulfill our demand” a senior player pointed out.

Hence they have taken a firm decision of not signing the contracts until the accurate details about the contracts are revealed.

Even though 25 national players have requested from the Sri Lanka Cricket Board to act in a transparent manner in preparing the contract, the Board had already published the contracts by categorizing players.

But what the national players want is to know the mechanism of granting marks on the measurement such as performance, physical fitness and professionalism.  

They questioned the professionalism of the categorization of Sri Lanka Cricket when the International Cricket maintains full transparency in every activity including payments and earnings.  In lack of transparency in their activities, anyone can interfere with the preparations of contracts which can be biased.

Based on these facts, Players accuse Sri Lanka Cricket of making its new annual contracts in an unfair, unreasonable and arbitrary way.