Friday 26th of February 2021

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Worldwide COVID 19 infections exceed 37,100,000

2020-10-13 24131

Another 6 positive cases in Chinese city of Qingdao


British infections are in increase


The number of worldwide COVID 19 infections has exceeded 37,100,000 recently. Chinese health authorities carried out PCR tests on 9 million people in Qingdao within 5 days when 6 infections came to light from a hospital treating coronavirus patients arriving from abroad.

Qingdao's Municipal Health Commissioner said six new cases and six asymptomatic cases had been discovered.

By 12th, COVID 19 positive cases had gone up to 7,053,806 in India. The number of infections in the United Kingdom is too in increase.

WHO confirmed that up to now the death toll due to the infection worldwide had exceeded 1,070,355