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Mahendra Sinh Doni to say goodbye to Cricket

2020-08-18 7709

Cricket hero Mahendra Sinh Doni has declared on 15th that he is retiring from cricket. He is considered to be the ever best Captain of Indian cricket up to now. India won the T20 world cup in 2007 under Doni’s leadership. He was the Captain of the Indian team that won 2011 world cup.

Doni was able to win the IPL tournament on many times giving his leadership to Chennai Super Kings. But after July 2019 he did not get any offer to play in Indian one day matches or T 20 tournaments. He was removed from national contract by Indian Cricket
39 old player had obtained 6 centuries and 33 half centuries in 90 test matches.  
He also obtained 10 centuries and 73 half centuries in 350 one day matches.