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Tom Moody takes over Sri Lankan Cricket again

2020-01-14 7697

Will he be able to rescue Sri Lankan Cricket

Sri Lanka Cricket has decided to make a structural change in the coaching of the National team due to continual defeats, met over and over.

Accordingly it has taken a decision to appoint Mr. Jerom Jayarathne as the Chief Coacher and Mr. Micky Arther as Chief Specialist Coacher.

Already Sri Lanka Cricket had initiated negotiation with Mr. Tom Moody a former Sri Lankan coacher to appoint him as a Special Trainer for two years.

An Australian Coacher Tom served as the Chief Coacher of the Sri Lankan National Team from 2005 to 2007 and the team went to the final of the World Cup in 2007 during his period. It was reported that he will take over the position from February this year.