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Sinhala movies based on true incidents..!

2019-12-01 10224


There are few Sinhala movies, based on true stories which became very famous among movie fans. These films were more interesting than films, based on fantasy.

These are the few Sinhala films which were based on true incidents.

Hara Lakshe Mankollaya ( Robbery of 400,000)

In 1949, Rupees 400,000 was a very big amount. The money collected from horse races in Colombo Turf Club on Saturday was being transited from the club to the Chartered Bank , Colombo on every Monday. One James Senevirathne, a Funeral Paler wanted a large some of Rupees to rescue his brother in law who was charged with murder of a foreigner. He ultimately resorted to robe this money and well planned it with a few competent robbers. Since this money was being transited under a Police escort, he came to the Turf Club in the guise of a Police Inspector in a hired vehicle from the Company that is used for this transaction.

Cashiers of the Club also got into the vehicle along with cash of Rupees 400,000 sinnce there was nothing to worry. When the vehicle was in move, right in front of the Museum, 2 robbers who reached the vehicle in a motor bicycle fired at the vehicle and evaded with the money. This was one of the biggest robbery, took place in Sri Lanka which was a shocking news.

In 1971 a veteran film Director Titus Totawatta portrayed this true story in a fantastic film. Famous film actors Joe Abeywickrama, Robin Fernando, Alexander Fernando and Somasiri Dehipitiya were among the crew.

Podi Wije.


There was a popular song sung by Anton Jone “ Polonnaruwe Podi Wije wedi nowadina Podi Wije.

Popularly known as Podi Wije , he was known for evading Gun bullets. He was a famous gangster in Plonnaruwa who was wanted by Police for few criminal activities. But Police could not apprehend him since he was living a hidden life in the jungle. At the beginning he strived to look after his family and started getting engaged in criminal activities due to unjust he had to undergo, according to the opinion of his family. At the end he was killed by Police in a shooting , took place between him and the Police in 1956. Somehow his story too was brought to the silver screen by Nishantha De Alwis in 1987 where Podi Wije’s character was performed by veteran film star Amarasiri Kalansuriya. Sabeetha Perera who performed the character of his spouse, won the Best Actress Award for her fantastic performance in the film.

Maradankadawala Yakadaya ( Iron Man of Maradankadwala).

Sanchi Arachchige Jinadasa was a physically strong young chap, lived in Maradankdawala who had an innocent love afire with a village lass. African soldiers who came to Sri Lanka at the 2nd world war had reportedly raped and killed this girl. As taking of revenge, Jinadasa had killed few soldiers who were involved in this murder as a result of which he started a criminal life. He was so strong that he could bend iron bars without a tool.

A film was produced being based on this story in 1977 by Niel Fonseka under the Name Maradankadawala Yakadaya. The character of Jinadawa was performed by veteran film star Gamini Fonseka under the name Yakadaya ( Ironman). Even though Yakadaya in the film evaded the prison by bending the bars, it never happened in Jinadasa’s real life. This movie too became very famous among fans.


Adlin Witharana murder was shocking news to Sri Lanka in 1950 which took place in wilpaththu jungle. She had been brutally killed by car running over her body on several time.

Veteran film Director Wasantha Obesekara turned this murder to a fantastic film in 1983 which won 9 Awards in the President’s Film Award.

The Adlin’s character was performed by Swarna Mallawarachchi and Ravindra Randeniya too performed a fantastic roll as the murderer.


A Hand Ball team that went to German in 2004 to participate at tournament went missing. Even though Germany thought that the team got lost while jogging in nearby woods later on a note which was found in a room revealed that 23 strong team had gone to France. The Sports Ministry of Sri Lanka said this trip was not authorized.

The famous Actors such as Mahendra Perera, Kumara Thirimadura, Dharmapriya Dias, Dharshan Dharmaraj and Saumya Liyanage made the play colorful. This was a story about a group of young poor males hoping to move to a foreign country for a better life. Even though they did not know what Hand Ball is, the firm determination took them to Germany and ultimately evaded from Germany to other bordering countries. This was produced by a German film Director Ubartho Pasolinee in 2008.