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Do you worry about ageing..?

2019-11-25 7696


These food bring back your lost young look..!


Those who are ageing are worried about their skin specially. They spend a large amount of money to bring back the young look and multinational Companies earn a good income for providing various types of solutions for ageing.

Today we will tell you natural drinks that can bring a young look to you irrespective of your age.


Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, copper and vitamin A. delays the aging and improves the longevity. Studies have sujdjested that vitamin C in Grapfruit cab also protct the body against free radicals, it also boosts healthy cell life. Regular consumption of food that rich in carotenoid reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry contains anthocyanins which improves longevity. This fruit is rich in ioactive polyphenols that boosts body’s defense system. It also prevents the risk of skine disorders. The fruit is rich of anthocyanins that lowers the wrinkles and pigmentation. When you regularly consume Black Raspberry supports cell regeneration which slows down the ageing process.


Kiwifruit is packed with numerous phytonutrients that can slow down aging. beta-carotene content in kiwifruit can protect DNA in human cells from damage. Partaking adequate vitamin C can prevent health conditions that result in early aging.


Lemon contains unique flavonoid compounds that delay aging. The free radicals destroy healthy cells of the body and cause severe skin problems. The water-soluble antioxidant in lemon neutralizes free Radicals.


Watermelon contains active plant compounds that can reduce aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines and unwanted spots. Watermelon is rich with plenty of vitamins that keep your skin supple and young.