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Things that made Sri Lanka world famous..!

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Sri Lanka was known as the Perl of the Indian Ocean. We could fulfill the food equipment of the country locally and there was an ear where we imported rice to other countries too. Sri Lankan professionals are holding top ranks in other countries including NASA of America. We think that Sri Lanka is famous only of tea. But Sri Lanka is famous in the world for other few things too.

What are the things that had taken Sri Lanka to the international.

Sri Maha Bodi

The most sacred item in Sri Lanka for Buddhists scattered throughout world is Jaya Sri Maha Bodi, the sacred Bo tree, situated in Anuradhapura. This is a sprout of the original Bo Tree, under which Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment 2500 years ago.

This tree has been internationally declared as the oldest tree planted by a human. According to legends this tree has been surviving for nearly 2000 years. This sacred tree which was a sapling by the time it was brought to Sri Lanka by Sangamiththa Therani, was a gift from the King Ashoka of India in 249 BC. This was a gift by King Ashoka to Sri Lankan King Dewanampiyathissa. There was a close connection between these two Kings, legend confirms. Due to this close tie Ashoka assigned his own daughter Sangamiththa Therani to hand over the gift to his friend Dewanampiyathissa. From that day on wards the sacred Bo tree is undergoing the holistic rituals of Buddhists.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.

Pinnawala is a home for baby Elephants that fell helpless without mother Elephants. This Orphanage is spread in a large area which has become a tourism attraction for foreigners as well as locals. This place is visited by a large crowd even during weekdays. This became world famous as the world’s biggest orphanage where the highest number of Elephants live in human custody. This orphanage which was established in 1975 is the first in the world to house orphanage jumbos. What is unique in the place is familiarity shown by Elephants to humans without any aggressiveness. The reason for this is their affection towards those who care for them and look after them with a great love by spoon feeding them from the infancy.

Star of Adam

Star of Adam, the largest Blue star sapphire found in the world up to now. This was unearthed from Rathnapura city, popularly known as Gem City. The gem weighs 1404.49 carats. It has been estimated over 100 million American dollars and the owner of the gem remain anonymous for security purpose. He claims that he can easily sell it for 175 American dollars if auctioned. The owner had named it “The Adam Star due to the belief Muslims have on the first human, created by the Almighty moving to Sri Lanka after expelling from the Eden Garden.