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Reduce your weight without a heavy workout..!

2019-11-24 7681


Reducing the weight is the dream of everyone. The majority thinks that excessive weight leads to diseases. There is truth in this feeling. But if you do physical exercises, control your diet and adopt a healthy life style, weight is not a problem. Somehow you may think a little about these factors too. If you are in excessive weight, you can reduce without a heavy workout, if you pay attention on these factors.

Understand accurately whether you are hungry or thirst.

Some time we feel thirst as a hunger. Hence it is important to understand the real requirement. There for when you feel hungry, have a cup of water. But still if you still feel hungry then go for a meal.

Go for small quantity

Controlling food is not avoiding a meal. Keep in your mind that food is necessary to maintain your wellness and healthiness. You only become sick by avoiding a meal. Hence better to opt few small meals minimizing sugar, fate and flour.

Don’t miss you breakfast.

If you want to remain active throughout the day, the breakfast is a must. For you to get sufficient energy for the rest of the day after a sleep in the night, you have to get a nutritious breakfast. Get the breakfast in the morning without waiting until you feel hungry as in other meals.

Give the priority for nutritious food.

Be careful to ensure that you have the due nutrition in your meal. Avoid fat, sugar and flour. Ad fiber ,instead. Prepare vegetables, nuts and fruits without destroying the nutritious value.

Drink hot water.

Hot water has the possibility to dilute fat in our meal and fat that is deposited in the digestive system. Hence turn your normal water cup to hot water cup.