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Were they killed or died

2019-11-12 7775

There are few deaths of world famous personalities that took place a long time ago which remain mysterious. Still the causes of these deaths have not been found. Even today various opinions on the death of these personalities come up due to the interest the mass as well as media had on them.

Diwya Barathi.

Diwya entered the Indian film industry as an Actress in 90 decades. She had a charming beauty and a high acting talent which made her popular within a shirt time span. She could win the heart of every one. But her death was mysterious. Her Autopsy concluded that she died due to injuries sustained by falling from the 5th floor of her residence. And also there was a rumor that she committed suicide due to problems she had with her mother. There was another rumor that she was killed by the underworld since she objected to the connections her husband, Sid Nidiyawala had with the underworld.

David Caradeen.

David Caradeen was a very famous Actor in Hollywood. He came to the maximum popularity by acting in Keel Bill and Kung-fu. His dead body was found in a Room of a Hotel in Bangkok on 4th June 2004. Some opined that he got addicted to an undue sexual method that was not safe.

His Autopsy concluded that the death was caused by limiting the oxygen floor to the brain by tightening up his neck through a rope.

Maralin Monro

Film fans were crazy over Marilyn Monro who acted in western films in 60 s. Her tactic of attracting the viewers was to expose her body while acting. She also had close relationships with many celebrities. In addition, she was a talented singer and attracted the attention of the public. Her dead body was found in her room without leaving any clue about the death.

But a recent book published by J. Margoolish sited that former President Bob Kennedy injected her position with the help of two other to break her close connections with John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. Still the reason for the death remains a mystery.

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna became a celebrity through the Playboy Magazine in the '90s and worked as a Porn Magazine Star before her acting career. Anna made her first appearance in 1994. She somehow managed to lure many wealthy people exposing her beauty in her acting. Even though she was surrounded by many, by the time of her death, there was no one. The cause of the death had been identified as having excessive drugs.

Jia Khan

Jia left the world at the age of 25. She became famous through the film Nishabd. She made her acting debut with the popular film Actor Amitabh Bachchan. Her dead body was found hanging in her residence at Juhu city. Since her mother raised suspicion on her death, her boy friend, Suraj Pancholy and famous Actor, Adithya Pancholy who was his father, were taken in to custody.

But her diary indicated that even though she was in a relationship with Suraj, she did not like it. After the investigations they were released by Police.

Since after a long time of the death, a forensic investigation, conducted by an England Expert had revealed that her death was caused by handing her, once again the story had come to the stage.