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-Maleficent-earned 758 million dollars

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Mistress of Evil, to break the record….!


“Sleeping Beauty” a production of Walt Disney Company was first screened in 1959 as a Cartoon film. By that time Walt Disney was alive. Maleficent was the wicked character in this film. By developing this character Walt Disney Company produced another film in 2014. It was produced by Robert Stromberg. It was Angelina Jolly who performed the character of Maleficent. It earned 758 million dollars, the maximum that a filmed acted by Angelina could earn. What attracted the attention were her performance as well as her costumes. The second release came to screen at the last week as “Mistress of Evil:. It is the newest production of Walt Disney Company. This time it was produced by Joachim Ronning. This time too, the wicked character is performed by Angelina Jolly. She, this time joined the production as a co-producer too. Almost after one month form the screening, Disney commented on its second production. In April 2016, Angelina Jolly signed the agreement for it. Disney authorities assigned Joachim to direct the new film who was famous by directing films “Pirate of the Caribbean and Dead man tells no tails.

This time the story starts from five years from the death of the King Stefan. It was Awurora who started ruling the country after his demise. Her caretaker is her Grandmother Maleficent. Prince Philip has a doubt.

The thirst, people have to watch Fairy tales is fulfilled by famous films. The gigantic Hollywood films take over this responsibility maximizing the use of Digital technology. Maleficent is a film which identified this style. It was able to earn 299 million dollars within a week from the screening. The Critics had highlighted the film for over using the artificiality. The shooting was started on 18th May 2018 from the famous Film Studio in London.

2019 is a successful year for Disney. Dumbo , Aladdin, Toy Story 4 , The Lion King had earned a colossal amount of money already. Frozen 2 is screened on 22nd November and Star Wars, the rise of the sky walkers will be screened on 20th December this year. These two films became the hope of the world viewers.

Lady and the Tramp will be telecasted via internet. It is a reproduction of the same film produced in 1955.