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Were there Painters in Sri Lanka 30,000 years ago..?

2019-10-05 7805

These Portraits depict Birds that are not in existence..!


Did these birds belong to some other world..?


There are few spectacular places in Sri Lanka you should visit which are not very famous and away from visitors due to its isolation nature. Recently I happened to visit Kurullangala, a Rock mountain where you find ancient paintings by our Ancestors , still in visible form. When I heard about the place from a close friend of mind who has a curiosity in visiting these types of places, I too decided to make my way.

It is situated between Badulla and Alla , a villagers call Karadagolla. It was not an easy task to reach the place because it fair distances from the main Road. Still you can enjoy the thick jungle by the Road to the venue.

I happened to meet some villagers on my way according to whom this is no wonder in any way to them. They have frequented this place for a long time. This mountain was earlier named as Pettigala. It was renamed as Kurullangala since it has lots of paintings of different types of birds.

After one and half hours, I reached the venue. When I looked at the top of the rock I thought that it would take only two hours to ascend. But according to the chats I had with the villagers, it would take 4 to 6 hours to complete the journey since you have to find your own path. Since this has not been developed with the inference of the government, there is no built path as Sigiriya and Dhambulla. Hence the journey is possible only for the experienced hikers. I found a young chap who had just completed Advanced Level who extended his support for me to ascend the peek when I told him that my intention is to expose this place to public.

These paintings are done with basic two colors, yellow and red. Most of the portraits are birds in different types. There were few portraits of hands that would have been the stencils of the Artist. He would have covered the surface of his palm and pressed on the stone. There are fair numbers of portraits that are not identifiable. When scrutinized I realized those would be portraits of birds but not similar to ones that exist right now. But I have seen similar types of portraits in fresco done in European Pre Historic Caves.

Since some of the paintings were still very bright, I tried to find out the materials, used as paints. Probably the material would have been a reddish stone category. The contrast of the portraits was done by fading the reddish color to balance the light and the dark. But some strong technique would have been used to preserve the surface of the paintings because these paintings regularly get exposed to high sun ray and heavy rains. Otherwise it is wonder how these paintings survived so far.

The outer lines of the paintings increased my curiosity. According to the different sizes of the outlines, I realized that the Painter would have had different sizes of brushers.

Some paintings are in dilapidated status while some are still in brilliant in brightness. I think this is one of the best places for Hikers since the journey is full of adventures.

Somehow my concern is why did the Painter select such an isolated place to do these portraits which is so away from viewers?. Since it is not easy for normal people to ascend the rock, why the Painter did spent his time to do these beautiful portraits in a place that was not easily reachable?. Was this area highly populated by the time of doing these paintings, hence the creations are visible to viewers?. Was there some other technology to ascend the rock rather than climbing? Was it done by a person to mark the time while staying hidden? . What the exposure the Painter had about portraits of birds that are not in existence?.

Had he had some connection to the Pro Historical Era? Were these paintings done by someone who belonged to Pro Historical Era, some 30,000 years ago? Since the Painter used his own hand to keep portraits that were similar to portraits of Lasco Cave of France, what is the connection between that Pinter and this particular Painter had? Were these birds portrays un identifiable belong to some other world. As a Painter and explorer, I myself cannot find solutions. I recommend you to visit this place and see what it is.



-Rumi Speelberg-