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Alien creatures portraits in Thiwanka Pilimageya..?

2019-09-20 8017

They have aerials on their headdresses..!


Gods who came to the earth from the sky were Aliens..?


There are many mysteries that have not been solved yet or found acceptable reasons, internationally as well as locally. There have been many stories about mysterious lights, beams and flying objects witnessed by people throughout the world from time to time. Our country too had plenty of evidence of having relationships with Aliens. “Thiwanka Pilimageya” situated in Polonnaruwa District is said to had links with the Aliens. I learnt in an Article appeared in a weekend paper. I love exploring mysteries. Hence I made my lonely journey to Polonnaruwa to find out whether there is any clue to confirm this claim.

Hence I set off around 3.30 a.m. from home with a strong interest of visiting the place since I have never been to Polonnaruwa. Since it was a Saturday, the number of visitors was fairly high. Hence I had the opportunity to speak to a cross section including Buddhist Monks and few local Tour Guides.

This is a beautiful structure based on Buddhist ideology.

This was built under the patronage of King Parakramabhahu 1. The meaning of “Thi” is triple bends. It is 133 in length and 68 in width. In addition to statutes there are beautiful fresco. I was scrutinizing the fresco with the pre-opinion in my mind that there are portraits of some faces that were not familiar to humans which I read from a web article. There was a Jathaka story when just entering named “ Asankawathee” which is followed by “ Sasa Jathaka story”. Then ‘ Kalagola” story. I witnessed the picture depicting the birth of Bodhisathwa. There were few other Jathaka stories.

I had a chat with an expert attached to Archaeological Department. These paintings are in a dilapidated status. Hence getting a clear view is not possible. When Archaeological Department got all these pictures photographed using high tech cameras, getting clear pictures of these paintings was possible. Hence it was possible to get an illustrated view of these paintings. The views of pictures were so clear that it is possible to identify the nature of the brushes used to paint these pictures.

I had few digitally redesigned pictures in my hand and a picture that appeared in an Article in Silumina paper recently. Accordingly it was possible to identify the portraits in these pictures that seem to have undue features that were totally different from human beings. I was trying to match that picture with the fresco paintings. The headdress of some portraits looks very unfamiliar with ancient traditional attire.

Few portraits in “ Chullapaduma Jathaka Story” were totally different from normal human beings. There was another portrait with totally different features of a human. A common thin in ancient portraits are headdresses worn by human as well as deities. But a portrait in this Jathaka story is wearing a headdress similar to a helmet that was not common to either human or deity.

There is another portrait which has a similar helmet on top of which there is something like a communication Areal. The positioning and shape of the eyes of this portrait too is different from human being.

Hence these questions come to my mind. What made these Artists to portrait pictures of humans that did not have human features?. Did our ancestors associate Aliens? Were Aliens a part of the day to day life of ancient people? Or Deities who were believed to live in Heaven above the sky frequently visited our ancestors for helps that were beyond the possibility of human. Since Gods were supposed to come from the sky were those Aliens believed to be Gods..?

Rumi Speelberg