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Top 15 Countries with the longest Life Expectancy..!

2019-09-15 7700

Whether it’s the diet, lifestyle, or winning the genetic lottery certain countries across the world are just blessed with longer lifespan.While it might not be easy to break down exactly what exactly contributes to longer lives it’s easy to see which countries have the highest life expectancy.Let’s take a look at the top 15 countries where you can expect to live the longest.

15. Italy

It may come as a surprise to many but it turns out people in Italy have a higher life expectancy than many of its European compatriots.With an average life expectancy of more than 89 years the laid-back lifestyle suits the individuals. The lifestyle coupled with top-notch healthcare seems to have helped improve the living conditions of all.

14. Monaco

Monaco is an excellent nation to grow old in. The lifestyle is pleasant, the weather is comfortable, and there is plenty of glitz and glamour when needed. You can easily expect to live up to the ripe old age of 89 if you can even afford to live in one of the most expensive places to live.

13. Japan

Gentle living, a nation obsessed with exercise, and a rather plain diet are only some of the many reasons the citizens of Japan has such a high life expectancy. A citizen on average lives for 85 years with excellent health care facilities to take care of them.

12. Singapore

Singapore is truly a jewel in the Asian crown. A rapidly developing country which has managed to balance development with environmental care as well. Singaporeans have a high quality of life as well as some of the best health facilities for its citizens. Singapore is also widely regarded as one of the cleanest Asian countries.

11. Andorra

This tiny European nation is blessed with a thriving economy. It also has plenty of green covers and leads the way in public and health facilities. Citizens can expect a long life of 83 years or more.

10. Switzerland

Switzerland’s secret to long life for its citizen could do with its fresh alpine air, extremely pure water and high-quality life standards the people from the country have come to expect. They also boast excellent healthcare facilities in this country. Average life expectancy is 84 years.

9. Macau

This tiny island nation provides a lot of benefits to its citizens. Maybe being able to blow off some steam gambling (which is legal in this nation) sure helps reduce some tensions among the citizens. Average life expectancy is of 84 years.

8. South Korea

Women live longer than men and South Korean women possibly live longer than anyone on the planet. Women in this health-conscious nation could be the first with an average life expectancy of more than 90 years. The overall average is just above 84 years.

7. Israel

Excellent Mediterranean air, good seafood, and a low amount of alcohol consumed in the country could be the reason for their general extended lives. On average a person in Israel will live to be above 83 years.

6. Iceland

Low pollution, low population, and no mosquitoes. Excellent air quality, wonderful natural green cover and a diet that consists mainly of seafood could be the secret of their long lives. Iceland is also regularly featured in the list of the happiest countries in the world. Citizens have an average life expectancy of above 82 years.

5. San Marino

If you were rich, exercised regularly, and worked a desk job, your life would lengthen too. That describes almost all the citizens of the third smallest nation behind the Vatican City and Monaco. If being rich and healthy wasn’t enough being happy surely helps. They have an average lifespan of about 81 years.

4. Hong Kong

In spite of its pollution numbers, highly populated areas and very lax hygiene, the country manages to keep its citizens ticking for a large number of years. Citizens of Hong Kong have an average lifespan of over 81 years which gives it a place on the list of countries with the highest life expectancy.

3. Australia

It’s become a meme that everything in Australia is trying to kill you, however going by the life expectancy numbers, nothing might be further from the truth. With a life expectancy of 82 years, the nation is quite obsessed with health and fitness.

2. Sweden

Swedes enjoy a long life in one of the happiest nations in the world. The country is safe and has super liberal policies which let its citizens have very free lives which could be why they enjoy living up to the ripe old age of 80.

1. Guernsey

Rich Individuals, very low taxes, access to some of the best healthcare money can buy. We don’t need to say why this tiny island has such a high life expectancy. Which of these nations would you love to live in and how would you change your lifestyle?