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Is your child suffering from headaches..?

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Continual suffering from headache can lead to losing of self-confidence..!


Child Depression…!


There would have been plenty of instance where your son or daughter saying “My mother today l can’t go to school since I am suffering from a headache” while getting ready to go to school. Most of the response of the parents is to refuse the accept the excuse by saying that “ Get ready to go school child without lying since yesterday also you did not go to school due to the same reason, are you trying to do the same thing today’.

Is this headache claimed by your child who is in age of schooling true?. Or is it their laziness. Most of us do not have either sufficient any knowledge about Medical Science. Because of that we face many problems. Children are suffering in vain. According to Dr. Heshan Jayawera , Senior Lecturer and Pediatrician at the University of Peradeniya, the most vulnerable is those who are bellow 5 years in age or adolescents who suffer from headaches.

Even small children can get headaches when suffering from fever or cold. The disregarding can happened as a result of headache due to fever. According to Doctor Heshan Jayaweera the cause for the headache is “Stress” undergone by children. In addition to that children may be suffering from migraine. But this is not where the problem remains. Most of the parents think in this kind of condition that there is blister or a cancer in the brain of the child. But Doctor Heshan says that this type of a conditions can be specifically diagnosed only by a Medical Test.

According the Doctor Heshan there are a lot of reasons for headache.

1. Poor eye sight.

2. Prolonged unhealed catarrh.

3. Child Depression,

4. Alcohol and drug use can also cause children to have headaches.

According to Dr. Heshan Jayaweera, there are several symptoms of headaches caused by stress.

1. Headache is limited to the anterior or posterior surface of the head.

2. Sometimes headaches can spread throughout the head.

3. The gravity of the pain can go up at the end of the day.

4. Often the problem children have with their school friends and parents can be causes of headache. .

5. Continual suffering from headache and difficulty to face the problem can lead to losing of self-confidence

Symptoms of childhood migraine

Doctor Heshan Jayaweera says that children can suffer from migraine. The headache caused by migraine can be confirmed only to one side of the head and can be severe. In parallel to headache , vomiting or nausea can be accompanied by headaches. Often when suffering from headache, bright lights and sounds are disliked. When has a nap in a dark place can heal the headache. Dr. Heshan Jayaweera says that a small number of people have the ability view light and they will experience some change in their eyesight while experiencing a light of a bulb in their eyes. Dr. Heshan Jayaweera explains how to reduce headaches caused by migraines and stress.

1. To schedule the life style to minimize the anxiety and stress.

2. Reduce the intake of chocolate, coca cola, cheese, peanuts, and ajinamoto

3. Reduce exposure to intense sunshine and excessive body tiredness.

4. Eat before the hunger increases.

By following these instructions, pain undergone by migraine can be reduced. We some time talk about changing the pillow as a remedy. But Doctor Heshan says that it is not a remedy. paracetamol should be taken in the due dosage to heal the high headache. There are medications that can be used when migraine is at its peak and there are medications that can be used in the long term to help control migraines. Specialist Dr. Heshan Jayaweera says that if the following symptoms are noticed in the child, the child should be examined by a Doctor immediately. Those special features are,

1. If the frequency and severity of headaches increases rapidly,

2. If the child vomits when getting up at dawn,

3. If the child's daily activities are interrupted or hesitant,

4. If a child's behavior changes,

Pediatrician Dr. Heshan Jayaweera emphasizes that if your child is suffering from headache, your child should be referred to a recognized Doctor and prompt treatment. If the child is severely suffers due to headache, he should be referred to qualified Doctor without delay , says Specialist Doctor Heshan Jayaweera.