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Home affairs minister is naked with thieves..!

2019-09-08 7763

Sanjeewa Wijeweera who defrauded in Millions is free with the blessings of Wajira Abeywardena...!


Was it Wajira Abeywardena influenced police investigations..!


The character of Priyankara Wickremasekera,Media Secretary is exposed..!


2.5 Millions defrauded by Home Affairs Ministry to "Lankadeepa"..!


(Sumudu Perera)

It has been reported that the Media Director of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government, Sajeewa Wijeweera, who has been accused of large scale financial fraud and forgery, is living freely under the full protection, blessing and influence of respective Minister Wajira Abeywardena.

The Secretary to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government who commenced a special and extensive investigation into these allegations at ministry level has lodged a complaint at the Criminal Investigations Department immediately suspending the services of Sajeewa Wijeweera.

The Officers of the Criminal Investigations Department have questioned Minister Wajira Abeywardena and according to internal sources of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government, Sajeewa Wijeweera has not been arrested in connection with the incident due to the possible influence of the Minister.

The best example is Mr. Sajeewa Wijeweera, who has been suspended for his alleged involvement in a large scale financial frauds and forgery has now been used by Wajira Abeywardena to coordinate his political activities in the Galle District.

Officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government have been inconvenienced being unable to calculate the extent of the crime committed by Mr. Sajeewa Wijeweera.

He was appointed to the position of Media Director of the Ministry on 19 July 2017. From that day onward, his main task had been to steal money from the influence of that position rather than caring out the duties and responsibilities of the Media Director of the Ministry.

Portraying himself as a white character

From the very first day of his career at the Ministry, he raised his voice and stand against corruption, fraud and malpractices and injustice. He exaggerated even a small incident and complained to the Minister and higher Officers.

He, who met Ministry Officers regularly was in dialogues as “here do you know… that person is keeping the Laptop given by the Ministry at home… do not know whether someone at home is using it. That person is going home in a Cab of the Ministry. Still he is not entitled for an official vehicle. Driver is working on his own. Everyone in the Ministry is familiar with these comments.

He was trying to portrait his character as white to mislead the Offices of the Ministry who were casting a heavy eye on him. He was so crafty that through this behavior, he has cleverly paved the way for his thefts, frauds and malpractices.

First fraud was the 70 National Independent Book.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government planned to publish a Book for the 70th National Independence Day Celebration. Sajeewa Wijeweera took over to write the book. This book was referred to a panel of experts with the knowledge of the Ministry Officers.

The stance of the panel was that Sajeewa Wijeweera has totally extracted the content from a Book authored by a famous Professor in the country. Sajeewa Wijeweera had not obtained any permission from the relevant Professor.

The Professor had lodged a complaint to the then Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Accordingly, Sajeewa Wijeweera's name was removed from the National Independent Book. However, Sajeewa Wijeweera entered his name as the Editor of the Book in few first copies closing the eyes of Ministry officials. But in the second printing, his name was removed when it was revealed.

Tele Business friend and preparing fraudulent documents.

The Secretary to the Ministry of Home Affairs , Provincial Councils and Local Government has initiated a ministerial investigation into the large scale frauds committed by Sajeewa Wijeweera using the Letter Heads of the Ministry and placing the signature of the Secretary and he had already logged a complaint at the Criminal Investigation Department.

He defrauded Rupees one million by preparing fraudulent documents from Mr. Asan Kannangara , a Businessman related to the Art field.

Asan Kannangara was frequently calling over at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government to get a tele drama telecast in Sirasa. It ultimately became a headache to the employees of the Ministry. Their secret dialogues were taking place in the Ministry as well as next door Independent Square. There are ample eye witnesses.

They prepared these fraudulent documents with the mind that it will never come to light. But when Asan Kannangara realized that he was cheated by Sajeewa Wijeweera he was too late.

Later on he was absconding Asan Kannangara by not answering his calls willingly. There were a lot of instances of wasting time in the Ministry.

When Mr. Asan Kannangara was bothering Sajeewa Wijeweera asking his money back what he did was comforting him by feeding a sweet ball. Accordingly, this is how Asan Kannangara got the contract of preparing the welcome pandal for the opening ceremony of the new building “Nila Madura” of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government . The Invoice handed over by him is attached herewith. That too was furnished by Sajeewa Wijeweera.

There are many other corruptions, frauds and irregularities committed by Sajeewa Wijeweera and Asan Kannangara which we will reveal later.

. Mr. Asan Kannangara who was totally upset on his lost money came to the Ministry as a madman and complained to the senior Officers of the Ministry.

Had robbed money even from Paper advertisement.

The money so robed by him from the paper advertisements of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government exceeds Rupees twenty five was revealed at the investigations carried out by the Ministry that he had obtained checks in lacks of rupees from Companies that got engaged with constructions of the Ministry, clamming that he had to pay for the newspaper advertisement published by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government and deposited these money in his personal account.

The arrears of advertisements of Wajira Abeywardena, published in the Lankadeepa newspaper is Rs. 2,081,500.

Unrevealed frauds

The Ministry has found details of a number of thefts committed by Sajeewa Wijeweera, the Media Director of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government by now.

Out of those, money obtained from the known Contractors by arbitrarily grating them orders to supply Display boards and Souvenir boards, is prominent.

The sources revealed that he had defrauded even from the petty cash of Rs. 50,000.00 given to the Officers of the media unit for promotional purposes.

The vehicle was not handed over even though the service was suspended

This Director's appointment is limited to a two-year contract. Accordingly, Sajeewa Wijeweera's appointment expired on 18.07.2019. Thinking that he cannot escape in case the amount so defrauded by him comes to light, he was begging the higher Officers of the Ministry to get his contract renewed.

Wajira Abeywardana demonstrated that he is with thieves by extending Sajeewa’s Media Director Post by another one year through a Cabinet paper despite all these serious allegations Sanjeewa had.

It was Wajira Abeywardena's Media Secretary Priyankara Wickremasekera who extended fullest support to extend the service of Sajeewa Wijeweera. He who is a personal friend of Wijira Abeywardena attends to all other duties except duties related to the position of Media Secretary. Sajeewa Wijeweera got Priyankara Wickremasekera’s full protection, blessings and patronage for his indecent work.

“lankanewsweek” has a lot of information related to Mr. Priyankara Wickremasekara who is an unmarried middle aged and we will bring these things in to light for Minister Abeywardena get illed.

Eventhough the Ministry Secretary had informed Sajeewa Wijewera to hand over the official vehicle “Nissan X Trail- KK 5267” he is freely using this vehicle and the Laptop belonged to the Ministry due to the influence of Minister Wajira Abeywardena.

When the real nakedness of the character of Sajeeva Wijeweera, who had protested against corruption, fraud, malpractices and injustice was exposed to the country, the speed of the fading off of the colors of Wajira Abeywardena has gone up.

Sajeewa Wijeweera , Priyankara Perera and the Minister of Home Affairs , Provincial Councils and Local Government, Wajira Abeywardena who is protecting him while getting necked with thieves should understand that even perks , benefits , money and positions can do a lot of things these things cannot do everything.