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Wijeyaba Kollaya comes to Silver Screen in 3D Technology..!

2019-08-27 7828

Many Novels authored by W.A. Silva were converted to films. Those were “ Kala Handa” , Radala Piliruwa, Siriyalatha, Handapana, Higana Kolla and Deyyange Rate”. His Novel Wijayaba Kollaya” will creaned shortly throughout the country. W.A. Silva authored this Novel in 1938. It was so famous that this Novel was printed 25 times.

It is Professor Sunil Ariyarathne who gives us the spectacular opportunity to watch it as a film. The film was produced by H.D. Permasiri. Eventhough this novel is around 80 years old, still its taste had not changed. Professor Ariyarathne, commenting on the investment of the film, stated “We have spent a colossal amount of Rupees for this film. It was H.D. Premasiri who made this huge investment. It would have been impossible if Premasiri did not come forward. It was Buddhi Keerthisena who owns this story. He had the script of this story, done by Thissa Abesekara. I am really grateful to Keerthisena and his son Budhi for giving me this story.

I studied this Novel for my Ordinary Level Exam. I consider the opportunity to convert this Novel to a film as luck. It comes as a 3D creation. There were very few experiments to produce 3 D films in our country. All these attempts were made after shooting the films. But what is unique in this film is the actors directing the shooting while remaining in the scene to facilitate the 3 D Projection. Hence I think that Wijayaba Kollaya is the first genuine 3 D film produced in Sri Lanka . We hope to screen this film in 75 movie theaters. 15 theaters have the 3 D technology.

All my previous films were recorded in India. But my new film was recorded in a local Company called Deel Films International. I got the same experience that I had India , in Deel International. The Cameraman is Channa Deshappriya. Art Director is Bimal Dushmantha. Music by Doctor Rohana Weerasinghe. Editing by Thiss Surendra. Camera tricks by Budhi Keerthisena. The film screens Hemal Ranasinghe, Senali Fonseka Ashan Dias, Chulakshi Ranathunga, Hans Bilmoriya and Marion Weththasinghe. Preethi Randeniya, spouse of veteran film actor Raveendra Randeniya is acting in this film after 40 years.




-Translation of a Sinhala Article published in Diwayina-