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Aliens were our Ancestors..!

2019-08-16 1405

They evaded this world Thousands years ago..!


They visit their original world..!


There has been a deep discussion on unidentified flying objects. These objects have been visible from many parts of the world. Even though we brag about reaching the highest in the technology, still we have not been able to go beyond the Solar System in our investigations. Even though we used the most modern technology, it takes at least 10 years to reach Saturn.

If Aliens of a another world or a Solar System which are far in billions of light years, they have to have a technology which is thousand time developed than of us. Even today our Scientists have not been able to discover how some of the ancient creations were built. It had been revealed that some stone creations were done using a beam which was powerful than modern razor technology.

Our curiosity is also enhanced by some Statutes found in Egypt that they describe as Goods but did not have any similarity to the appearance of human beings, well developed objects in some painting believed to be done by Alliance and some fresco depicting people looking at the sky. Hence it is pretty sure that our ancestors got the help of Aliens to make these wonders. But why they did they simply helped us without giving the technology. It would have been the fear they had that we might use this technology for wrong things and ultimately get destroyed.

There are legendaries that Gods who came from the sky helped ancient people. There was a well developed civilization which was known as “ Athlantis”. It vanished all of sudden according legendaries. It further described that this city had disappeared through a deep smoke and a fire. Is it an alien city..? Cannot it be the smoke and fire exerted, when an alien flying object take over.

Home sapiens took Hundred Thousand years to come to present level. Scientists revealed that there have been creatures who survived by the great devastation in which Dinosaurs were completely ruined. There is evidence that there was category of creatures that had the same intelligence of human being in the Dinosaurs era invented from some fossil. Then you might ask what happened to them. They who survived this devastation would have evaded this world fearing the repetition of this devastation. Cannot be these Aliens are our good and old ancient people who so evaded who visit their original land from time to time.



A translation of a Sinhala Article published by Helawansaya Blogs by Rumi Speelberg.