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The Medical Test everyone has to undergo annually..!

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What happens in our life without our intention and effort, is aging. Day by day we become old. Hence remaining healthy becomes prominent with the aging for a long life.

Blood Pressure

Heart is an important limb in your body that keeps the all intrnall systems activated. High Heart presure is also a main cause for death taking place in the whole world today and the risk is high due to the present life style and partaking fast foods. Hence testing your Heart presure annually is of utmost important. You can ealsily ckeck whether your prsure is normal from a Doctor at OPD of any Dispansary which takes only few munits. If the persure is not normal , medication is compulsory which unles otherwise will ultimatey lead to death.

Eye chekup

If your vision is blurred it the time to use spectacles. It can be close sight or long sight. Some people neglect to check the eye sight and to wear spectacles that leads to prolonged headaches due to Neurological unbalance. Sometimes you will not take seriously a weakness in your eye slight as far as you can manage without spectacles. If you are using spectacles still you may ignore whether the gasless should be changed. Hence you have to test your eye sight annually. You can go to an Optician and check whether you need spectacles where there are modern equipments to test your eyes in few munities.


Full Blood

Count Today Diabetic is considered as a silent killer. Most of the time you will not find out whether you are suffering from Diabetic until you test your blood sugar. By checking your blood annually you can find the sugar level and cholesterol levels in your blood are in the healthy range. For sugar test you have to fast for 8 hours and by fasting 12 hours you can get a sugar level test and the Lipid profile both. The high content of Cholesterol leads for dangerous conditions such as blocking nerves that becomes a cause of death.

Electro Cardiogram

This is commonly known as ECG , the shorten form of the full word. The test is done to find out whether the Heart is well operative. The modern form of this test is called Exercise ECG to inspect the functioning of the heart while it is in maximum use. This test is done while you walk in a Treadmill or Echo Cardio Gramm which is little expensive but give an extensive picture about the functioning of the Heart.

Weight as per the height

This test finds out the healthy weight according to the height of a person. This can be done at home by your selves if you have a weighing machine and a meter ruler or at a Dispensary within few munities.



-Rumi Edwin from Internet-