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A Srilankan becomes a Wonder woman in United States..!

2019-07-01 14001

She had obtained a Computer Engineering Degree from Portsmouth University , England and a Post Graduate Degree from Edith Cowan , Australia. Shavini who did not want to waste her time in America started following a Post Graduate Degree from Jeorg Town University.  In the University her friends had noticed her face is becoming dark. She knew that again the blood floor to her brain is lacking. Describing the terrible situation she explained, I knew that the maximum duration I can survive in this condition is 3 munities. Hence I thrashed my chest After this incident she used to carry with her a portable Oxygen container where ever she went. This incident encouraged her to come up with a mechanism to get an early alter about her condition. I discussed this idea with my Doctor, who instructed me to invent a technique on my own.  

This was the story lead her to invent “Oxi Wear” an equipment to keep the patient alert in case of lack of blood floor to the brain which will save lives of those who suffer from this condition. Since she is a Software Engineer , this attempt became easy.    

This equipment is fixed to the ear of the patient which is linked to a mobile phone. If my blood floor to the brain is not sufficient as a result of which my heart becomes standstill, an alert will be delivered to 911 the emergence number, explains Shavini about the functioning of her invention. She had participated at the competition “ Bark Tank “meant for inventors and won Dollars 35,000. She had been selected as the Best Post Graduate Student by University of Jeorg Town.

Doctors had instructed her to go for a heart and lungs implant within another few years for which around one million dollars will be required. After such a surgery the maximum duration a person can live is 5 years she further stated.

What I realize from her story is if there is a will there s way. An average person with her condition would have mentally loosed life at the time when the Specialist stated that the maximum duration she is going to live is 2 years. But she did not lose hope and her courage gave her new hope of life. We wish her long life.