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Monaleeza is given life by Artificial Intelligence..!

2019-06-29 7705

(By Rumi Speelberg)

Leonado da Vinci was a genius who gifted to the world wonderful paintings. He lived from April 15, 1452 to May 2nd 1519. He was an influential Artist having left a significant legacy in art as well science who lived in a golden age of creativity in Italy.  What is mysterious in Monaleeza is the hidden smile on her face which makes it a gift of world. The Artist was so cleaver to leave the opinion to the viewers whether she is smiling or not.

My effort today is not to write about this wonderful painting but a wonder the Technology has performed recently using Artificial Intelligence to give life to this Super painting Monaleeza. 

Today Artificial Intelligence has become a prominent subject that has drawn the attention of every one. This topic is disused at various forums from every aspect. In the modern world it gradually is becoming a part of the human life without which there seems to be no development further. Artificial Intelligence is development of computer systems which able to perform tasks normally requires human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages a definition I found in internet

A Team has been able to give life to this picture using Artificial .You can see in this creation that Monaleeza is moving her head , eyes and lips. This modern video technology has been found by a team attached to Samsun who came up with a combination of mystery and technology at the Artificial Intelligent Lab situated at Moscow. Eventhough it is a fantastic invention in entertainment field that can be utilized for the wellbeing of mankind it can be misused either.

An expert from Samsun , commenting on this technology further stated that you can see a human face that talks and moves so creatively that you will feel him as a person who has pulse. So far this technology has given creative birth to a few world famous figures such as Albert Einstein and Marilan Monro. It was found that Samsun Company had already obtained Pictures of world famous personalities from Y Tube . You could also find many opinions posted on social media about the importance of this technology as well as the risk.